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Thanks for the well wishes guys. A few other notes I am extremely excited about and didn't add:

The shopping center the shop is in is a perfect hot spot for Dudes (my target market); a very busy Del Taco that faces my store, a Capriotti's Sandwich shop, a pizza place, a 24 Hour Asian Massage parlor ( hm; and don't laugh too hard, but it will great for security if anyone ever tries to break in and the alarm is going nuts), a discount liquor outlet, a smoke shop, a kid's tutoring-karate-dance-music studio that you literally HAVE to walk by my store to get into, a Shell station, a dry cleaners, a few insurance brokers including State Farm, and what can be great for the Original Comic Artwork I hope to get into-a frame shop.

But the biggest, biggest, biggest supplement to my shop, a collectible coin and currency shop is opening next door (attached) to my shop. There is a ton more money in the collecting of coins and currency, and many of those guys double-dip into comics and cards. We have the perfect Collector's Corner of Las Vegas and we have been in talks to advertise exactly as such.
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