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Originally Posted by jasonadkins View Post
Yes, and I will more than likely have the best prices in town, as I did when I owned Baseball Card Heaven. I won't be able to compete with Blowout prices, won't even bother trying since I don't have all the same luxuries. I was one of the few shops that ordered factory direct from Topps, Upper Deck, and DLP, so I paid about fifteen percent less for my initial allotments than the rest of the shops in town, and passed those savings on. It will probably be four or five months before I see any factory direct shipments from the manufacturers based on the way they hand out their licenses and the pre-order time of about three months for most products. Many stores don't do the factory direct thing mainly because your credit card is generally charged three weeks before the product is released, and even worse those products are sometimes suddenly pushed back another three weeks, so you have dead money tied up for six weeks that you could be spending elsewhere.

I'll always try to hook up Blowout Boardies to an extent that I can, so if anyone here ever stops by, just mention the monthly special code of "hey, I am on the Blowout Boards, can you give me a little bit of a deal?" It's an exclusive code, so don't share it everywhere, please.
Thanks for the reply. Will your prices be close to blowout?
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