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Originally Posted by metsandweezer View Post
Thanks for the reply. Will your prices be close to blowout?
With some of the newer products that have gone way up with presales before release, I can be competitive. The way the nature of the business works and our different business licenses and allocations, I don't want anyone to think that if Blowout has a box of cards at $65 I will have it for $70, just can't do it. When I owned BBCH and did card shows all over the nation, I was very reasonable on my vintage singles, I didn't like to sit on a ton of singles, so I priced them to move quickly. Dealers at shows would come and buy from me and mark stuff up at 60% of what I had the cards at quite often. Always great deals in my value boxes as well. I will be needing a bunch of singles in all categories and price ranges, even commons to fill up value boxes. I give solid trade value, so maybe we can set up a time to even pull off some trades before I open. LMK
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