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Default Amazing 1/1 From A Collector's Cache Box

So my brother and I were just at Target and noticed they had a single box of the Collector's Cache. We saw some awesome breaks and we liked the value so we figured why not. Anyways, there was an oversized hobby exclusive Flair 2003 MLB Trading Card said to contain 1 "Oversized Sweet Swatch Major League Baseball Trading Card"

This is what we pulled. 1/1! I'm still shocked. Crazy card, any body have any idea of value? Unsure if it's FS yet. Definitely not FT.

Also, there are a few nicks on the back of the card. Just on the edges but I'm thinking they're probably due to just being handled while this was being packaged. Don't know how that'd affect value.

EDIT: A little background info behind finding this. So at the target we went over to the section with all the cards and saw blasters galore. We spent a good 10-15 minutes searching through the blasters to find this box. Couldn't find a thing. We saw a Bowman Chrome Blaster on sale for $10 and we were satisfied with that and were about to go checkout and then my brother found hidden behind a bunch of boxes the Collector's Cache box.
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