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The other day, I had a sales thread up -

I was hoping I would not have my genitals broken by BDs but of course that was not the case. I received several PMs asking/begging for lower prices on most cards that were already 5% to 20% below eBay. One user was BEGGING for an extra $5 off. Come on, MAN!

I have an auto here (nothing high end, BDs) that I would like to give away. Why should you get this card? Tell me a funny story. Put a funny picture up. Do something positive for humanity and tell me about it. I do not care, just post something. In a few days, I will pick the best post. Again, I do not care what you post. Extra credit (besides your post) if you prove you are not a BD. If you do not know what a BD is, please ignore this thread.
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