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Originally Posted by free2131 View Post
I actually saw one of these at my local Target (I say local, but it's about 25 miles away). I just figured it was one of those things they fill with 1988 Topps and 1995 Upper Deck stuff. Will have to look out for next next time I go.

Nice hit, BTW!
Thanks! And it had a pack of 08 upper deck update, 2012 topps opening day and then an 88 or 90 wax pack. Then it has a bunch of topps coins and then an assortment of 500 random cards spanning 4 or 5 decades I believe. Pretty awesome. The storage container itself that everything comes in can hold like 1k cards as well. Definitely worth the $15! Much more fun break than a blaster if you just like looking through random cards.
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