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And theres more ...

note the 2 trouts
Not too mention harper and strasburg "superfractor autos"

"Hook Mike Trout, Bryce Harper and other mega-prospects with these (5) 2010-2011 Bowman Platinum superfractor, refractor and auto sheets. These overprints are absent of any serially numbered stampings or certified autographs but otherwise replicate the elusive parallel insert cards. Included are (3) 2010 Platinum Prospects: (one Superfractor, one Blue Refractor, one Green Refractor) with #5 Trout; 2010 Prospect Autograph Refractors: Trout; 2011 Prospect Autograph Superfractors: Harper, Machado and #BDP1 Strasburg. "

and this (fixed the link)

"Included are (2) 2010 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs: (one Gold, one Blue) with (4) #190 Stanton, (4) #195 S. Castro, (4) #212 Strasburg and (2) 2010 Topps Finest Rookie Redemption/2010 Bowman Chrome Draft USA: (one Gold/Orange refractor combo, one both Red refractors) with (12) Strasburg"
2008 Topps Chrome Red Refractor SET #'d/25 98.8% complete!
55 Orlando Hudson,150 Homer Bailey,191 Edinson Volquez, MHRC536 Mantle HR #536

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