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Originally Posted by ohiomike View Post
I have no inside information about the origin of the superfractor sheets specifically, but its not much of a leap to assume Topps would send something like that when I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they've used other rare 1/1 parallel sheets (unnumbered) to make things right with collectors. Should Topps be doing this? Hell no, IMO. But they are. And if a person receives an uncut sheet from Topps instead of something else of value they were supposed to receive, winning a contest, or whatever other reasons Topps sends these sheets out, its the owners right to do with them whatever they want.
Maybe, but below is much more likely IMO.

Originally Posted by MetDude View Post
I suggest you look at this. See those superfractor sheets ?

(3) 2010-2011 Topps/Bowman Chrome & Tribute Uncut Superfractor, Refractor & Relic Uncut Sheets

While I have no clue how they GOT there one would think that if they are being backdoored out of Topps or backdoored out of the printer then Topps would put a stop to it.
During a press run, sheets are pulled from the front of the press to check for quality issues. These sheets are often tossed into bins for recycling after a job is completed. If someone from the recycling company wanted to just take those sheets, then I do not think they belong to the printing company or Topps at that point. Same thing as when you place your trash at the curb. Not sure there is anything stopping someone from taking whatever they want from the refuse.
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