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Originally Posted by Earlsnake07 View Post
Fill me in a bit on the baseball....obviously the price jumped, but can anyone tell me what the price started/ended at? Also anyone who broke the baseball is it better to sell singles or just list the boxes on the bay? There area already a few BIN's for the cards at around $50 with free shipping.
I personally am busting my 25 (Sure easy money to flip, but I don't see the fun in that unless it was something I didn't want to open)

Basebal originally started at 20, then they put out another preorder at 25. I busted my 25 then, got a Trout Auto /10, a bunch of other good stuff, and almost 2 full complete sets, about doubled my money

Flipping is probably the safer option at this point if you're in it just for the money though.
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