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Originally Posted by Earlsnake07 View Post
Fill me in a bit on the baseball....obviously the price jumped, but can anyone tell me what the price started/ended at? Also anyone who broke the baseball is it better to sell singles or just list the boxes on the bay? There area already a few BIN's for the cards at around $50 with free shipping.
I was able to get 15 at the original price of $20 and 25 at $25. I was one of the first to sell my original 15 on ebay for about $38 per. The market slowly dipped after that, then began to rise as supply ran low.

I ended up also selling 6 of the batch of 25 and busted 19. Ended up making basically $40 per box from busting.

Honestly, you can't go wrong busting this product. At worst you're looking to make your money back.
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