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Originally Posted by Chrisp253 View Post
it has nothing to do with participation jack........... its about a company that makes its money off people who collect for a hobby getting their cards to those people and not a bunch of guys trying to make a buck off of them. you dont think its ridiculous that someone tries to order 2 boxes within an hour of release for themselves and they cant get them because they are sold out to a bunch of guys that are going to resell them on ebay for twice what they just paid.. just more barriers being thrown up to the average collector.
If this bothers you, you are in the wrong hobby. Take a step back and look at the card industry today. I would venture to say there are few true collectors and more people out for profit. Everything Topps, Panini, UD, Leaf and others do is gear their products towards striking gold. Although I understand your frustration, it's the nature of the beast.
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