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Originally Posted by Chrisp253 View Post
eh im just sayin i feel like topps shoulda gone about it differently.. i dont hold anything personal... im here in the hobby talk forum to talk hobby.. i do disagree with your comment about falling in line though. change happens when people complain.. if enough people complain anyways.

its just like how all the people were complaining about the russell wilson chrome redemptions w/ topps.. tons of people were complaining about the sticker autos.. now topps hasn't shipped any yet.. maybe its because they are going to get russ to sign on card now? maybe not.. but possibly it had an affect on their future releases of redemptions that dont sport on card auto..
I feel your pain. I was able to get into this promotion, but have been left out on others. A smaller limit might have helped to allow more people participate. However, it seems as though the limit was more of a suggestion or honor system deal as some people blew right by it. If Topps had actually enforced the limits, then they would have lasted longer.

You're also right about making your voice known to spur change. The whole West Coast got left out of last year's Bowman Blue Wave promotion. However, enough complaints got Topps to establish limits on later similar deals. There weren't as many compaints in the later promotions.
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