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Originally Posted by GoBeavs View Post
I feel your pain. I was able to get into this promotion, but have been left out on others. A smaller limit might have helped to allow more people participate. However, it seems as though the limit was more of a suggestion or honor system deal as some people blew right by it. If Topps had actually enforced the limits, then they would have lasted longer.

You're also right about making your voice known to spur change. The whole West Coast got left out of last year's Bowman Blue Wave promotion. However, enough complaints got Topps to establish limits on later similar deals. There weren't as many compaints in the later promotions.
thanks.. funny thing is im not even mad lol.. i was just sayin topps did it wrong.. i was gona buy a box maybe 2 to see what all the hype was about but meh.. good luck on the boxes you got!
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