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Originally Posted by Chrisp253 View Post
eh im just sayin i feel like topps shoulda gone about it differently.. i dont hold anything personal... im here in the hobby talk forum to talk hobby.. i do disagree with your comment about falling in line though. change happens when people complain.. if enough people complain anyways.

its just like how all the people were complaining about the russell wilson chrome redemptions w/ topps.. tons of people were complaining about the sticker autos.. now topps hasn't shipped any yet.. maybe its because they are going to get russ to sign on card now? maybe not.. but possibly it had an affect on their future releases of redemptions that dont sport on card auto..
Let me rephrase what I'm trying to say. It's good to complain, but complaining on this forum will do you no good. Honestly, complaining to Topps sometimes does no good. Have you heard about their appearance at the National? Hear about how they run their wrapper redemption program? Let me paint a picture for's almost like going trick or treating at a house that leaves the candy at the front door for you to take as much as you want. No rules...just a free for all.

I'm not saying be a sheep or a lemming. I'm just saying that this hobby for people that buy sealed packs/boxes is all about the bottomline. And as much as ANYONE wants to complain, if people make a suggestion that is not profitable to Topps as a business, they will most likely not listen to you. I went to their meet and greet at the National last year...lots of good questions and complaints...but you can tell they do not have their ear on the collector.

On the other hand, Panini seemed like they were so into the makes you feel bad that they are not the most sought after cards in the industry. If Panini was the big dog in the industry, I have a feeling this release would have been run better.

I've never seen the Topps corporate office, but I have a feeling it's not a large operation. It doesn't surprise me that their site was unable to handle the bandwidth this morning, since people don't bust down Topps door for any other products they sell. Only when they have these exclusive releases.
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