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Hey, I'm sorry about earlier. I had to avoid the monkeys on the trampoline because a lot of the time they are hoping around everywhere. Make sure about 2 oclock or you'll have too many people flocking around and the beach will get all poured out and spilled. So what I'm saying is you're gonna want to wait till 2 or 2:30 so the sun is just right in the sky, and remember to always take grandpa's advice. He never liked the color blue anyway so I think that'll be fine. A lot of the time he goes in looking for the blue area, but the balloons will be floating around and he has to be careful because they might come on down to the river. Lets just change the group break to 10:30 at your place alright? I'll be up that late anyways, so I'll see ya tomorrow night. But keep in mind that when you put the sleeves on the skydivers the hippos might come down and ask you to piddle on a cow fat. And I've never done that, so I was looking for a flip jack and a momma so I could defuel the engine so the exhaust doesn't release that brocolli scent that gives the sky that green tint. Keep that in mind when you're opening up the box. The raisins are shriveling up outside and my dog doesn't like my cat, even when it's sunny or rainy and I just wanted to get your perspective on the giraffes in the attic of the basement.


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