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This is getting silly, I missed the updates because I was preparing for a deployment, and just returning from Easter vacation.

Just to get the facts straight Ronda NEVER competed in wrestling, NEVER won the gold in wrestling, NEVER was a Olympic wrestler. She won the BRONZE at the Olympics in JUDO. So I'm curious how her signature move helped her in wrestling.

I commend you for completing a Rousey PC and trying to grab her cards they, like have been mentioned have been hot. The finest auto is sweet because it is on card and her rookie. Good luck trying to lock them up, i hope you picked up a few more. Matthewevan is well versed on her cards and their value and since it is a public forum he is entitled to mention his opinions.

twoten01 never offered you a Rousey for $300, I in fact have that card, I offered it to you so I'm not sure why you are turning down his offer? It looks like he was just informing you of his past Rousey sales. So I'm not sure why you keep "LMAO" at him and insulting his views? I'm curious how you view this email that I wrote, which includes our whole conversation as "lying to you" but I may be wrong and I can't find where anyone noted a /88 goes for $80 maybe you can enlighten us. Also 100X better would mean I was asking $30k for a ruby relic.

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sure thing good luck buying!

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hey man ha yea i hear u i luckily got a good trade on the finest rousey but prices are skyrocketing so i plan to keep it for a while.... do you have any mma to trade? i was looking ~$300 for the ruby mat relic (her first relic) the /88 version normally goes for $40-60 so its actually cheaper than her auto let me know thanks. but shoot me a offer if your interested i should get the card in hand by friday and i can send a picture then.

yeah no mma sorry and $300 is too much really , Ill get a finest rc auto for that price and less , her auto is only $200 to $300 the most depends if graded , so don't know where you get your price but $300 for the mat relic is ridicules lol so Ill pass , thanks for the post and offer , good luck with that one lol

I bought 2 finest at $200 and will find more around there loll

ronda rousey finest auto | eBay
If you picked up that /8 for $88 that you were watching, then you got a steal! Since you're a fan and have been following her cards you knew that was a great deal right? Not trying to be mean but when other members voice their opinion and get berated, you call other members liars, I doubt many people will be looking to make future deals with you.

Again, good luck in your Rousey quest she is a great wrestler.
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