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Thank you for the kind words, kcatthebat... The images in this thread are pack inserted cards. There is a deadline in which to complete cards that will be inserted into packs, and I do my best try to paint a decent card in the time allowed. The "return" cards are part of our pay from the companies that hire us. Purchasing those cards directly from the artist helps keep them doing what they do. It's an individual thing when it comes to pricing, and I have no wish to speak on behalf of everyone...

More of my pack-inserted cards can be seen on my site/blog:

Artwork Galleries (in progress) RABID HORSE

I slowly switching my site over to Wordpress, so the gallery in its entirety is not yet complete. The Leaf cards are there, and some of my personal cards, but not all the sets are up yet.
Rabid Horse Artwork (Ingrid Hardy) -
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