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monkeymcgee: Thanks Andrew! The Bloodworth cards did come out great, I was very happy with my first commissions.

goggletan215: Thanks, it's been fun picking up these cards.

garrow21: I got the Bianca Thompson AE in a trade, but the seller had it up on ebay for at least a couple of weeks. I also think I remember seeing them listed by Bianca Thompson at auction originally several months ago.

cujobyte: Thanks Nick!

And here's my pickups the past week. First some sketches I got in 2 different group breaks here on BO:

Batman sketches: Bat Mite by Tim Levandoski (rare sketch), Manhunter by BOO
Space sketch: Otvazhnaya dog sketch by Kristina Sepulveda

Next are 2 sketches for my Captain America sketch set. Thanks Thuy for trading me the Katie Cook, that fills a big hole in my set (although I was sad to see my Katie Cook Cryptids sketch leave, at least it goes to a good home!).

WWII soldiers by Matt Grigsby, Captain America by Katie Cook
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