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Originally Posted by ChrisNTx View Post
anyone else have experience with these?
here's a link to a thread regarding last year's world series super boxes. my comment is down there. little did i know that i would get lucky five months later in the final raffle after the boxes sold out.

unfortunately that's definitely on the lower end of the boxes i've seen.

(disclaimer: i'm not affiliated with sbaycards but the good dudes there are the ones who got me back into collecting last spring.)

i did buy a 5-pack "case" of these world series boxes last weekend while i waited for my beckett RCR and watched the A's/Tigers game. i pulled a few slabbed vintage cards, a 9.5 topps finest stanton RC orange refractor, other modern cards, etc. but my two "case hits" were redemptions for a bryce harper psa/dna baseball and a vin scully psa/dna 5x7 autographed photo which they redeemed on the spot. doing the math i probably broke even but those are two nice pieces that will be going into my PC. i have seen guys hit nice cards ($500-600+) and i know for sure that the mike trout ball/bat combo still hasn't been pulled along with a lot of other signed memorabilia (jerseys, bats, balls, photos).

a nice consolation gesture is that each box purchased includes a ticket for the 1925 yankees ball that will be raffled when they finish selling all boxes (might be more than half-way there from what i saw last weekend).

all-in-all i felt like it has decent value but was a lot of fun because of the wide array of redemptions they inserted. it's much better than wasting the same amount of money on TTT and getting completely screwed on ROI.
here's the ruth ball from the raffle. it's definitely the crown jewel of my collection!

unfortunately it looks like they aren't doing the raffle portion of the product this time around. however, a '52 mantle as the top "chase card" is not bad at all!
Looking for DODGERS, Vin Scully, Hideo Nomo, and Yu Darvish autographs/memorabilia.
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