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Originally Posted by wilderness77 View Post
From what I have seen, sketch card prices on a whole have dropped dramatically over the past year and a half and continue to drop. The market is flooded and not as many people are buying. Too many "new" cards look just like the old cards already out there. There is a lot of "seen that, own it" "been there, done that" feeling amongst collectors. When new and different cards hit the market they are snatched up quickly at higher prices but the old and usual stuff stay at low prices.

I myself have a good number of sketch cards that I would like to sell but no one is buying.
Totally agree, the market is completely flooded. I'm not even a sports card guy (but occasionally take a look at the break forums) but every year there are more and more releases, which waters down everything. It used to be a treat to pull a booklet card but now there are sets built around them.

Large print runs and tons of sets centered around the same characters are why I won't bother with any Marvel sets.
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