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To be completely honest, I'm glad. Especially if Viceroy's POV is at all right. Completely subjectively and style aside, I think that the talent/effort/art displayed by the high-mid artists is closer to the "top artists" than the previous price gap gave them credit for.

Yeah, prices are going down across the board. Now maybe new artists are unrealistic to think they'll make a killing because no one is, not because they aren't among the chosen. Late 2011 I really started to resent my work ethic, now I feel a lot better about my effort. Why? Partially because I'm drawing more what I want and less what I think others want. But also because my own cards, *on average*, are seeing higher prices than they have since Treasure Chests & Booty hit. That feels even better when I not only moved from, say, dealer sales of $40 to $60, but those soaring above me came down at the same time.
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