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Originally Posted by Rian Fike View Post
It is simple supply and demand, on steroids. There were a handful of deep pocketed collectors that competed against each other to gobble up the top shelf artists until 2010, then most of them left the hobby when the market became oversaturated.

I don't know when the values will bottom out, but those days of $400 and more for a sketch card seem to be long gone.
These are all fair points and likely true. But I think using phrases like "bubble bursts" and "canary in the coalmine" is alarmism. Market adjustments are natural, a "bubble bursting" is when people are forced to close up shop completely because some part of the equation was largely falsified.

The fact is people are still buying sketch cards -- merely at lower prices. As someone who bids on a lot of sketches on ebay and wins relatively few, I can say that demand still largely exists but, yeah, $400+ for a sketch card is just incredibly unrealistic to me (as a newcomer). That does not equate to a bubble bursting.
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