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Originally Posted by WCTYSON View Post
The type of printing that you are talking about is web based. This is newspapers, and other high volume cheap quality printing. Baseball cards are printed on high quality sheet fed presses. I have worked for close to two decades in commercial sheet fed printing, for some of the largest companies in the printing business. None of them, except one, even had a compactor for there press sheets. It just is not cost effective to have someone in bindery slice the waste.

I am sure that Topps outsources their print work and each of those companies has there own set of procedures of what they do with the waste. Again, I have never worked for a sheet fed company that shreds or chops the waste press sheets, nor have I ever heard of a company doing so.

The person that has these sheets either works for the printing company that Topps out sourced work to or works for the recycling company that was hired to remove the waste.

Someone here posted that Topps has contacted this person and a lawsuit is in the works. Should be interesting to see what happens.
Good for Topps, that is exactly what they should do.

Assuming that is the case these cards/sheets are stolen property.

There are a lot of other threads on this and there are folks who are blasting Topps for letting these get out, yet at the same time they are buying these cards on ebay. I don't understand how anyone can justify doing that.

I can't understand how anyone can justify buying these cards.
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