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Originally Posted by justice41 View Post
The incentive card program is the route of what may be considered false value of this or that artist. Acar was a sensation right out the box. The Glebes I believe did a set before they became incentive artists Same with Perna and Tan. Being an incentive artist creates a false belief that from that set these are the only cards from them but i don't think anyone has added up just how many cards an incentive artist has to produce. I don't know. 5 cards 10, 100, 200? Other companies then take that idea that these are the top artists hire them then tout them as their top artists. A false belief is then created, but actual counting of cards will eventually reveal they aren't that scarce in the overall. So what you then have left is is the artwork good and is the subject matter a decent theme. If I collected that would be my only criteria. When I look through cards I completely dis regard the artist, I look only at the theme and if the artist(s) stuck with the theme. If a set is about the Avengers, I only want to see avengers etc. etc.
This is actually a good point, however it's not the main reason the incentive program is horrible.

A lot of the big distributors, refuse to carry Rittenhouse & Breygent because of their incentive program. It drives down the price of the boxes/cases on the secondary market. The ones who will carry the product, only purchase what is order and do not keep any on the shelf.

Also, the big Rittenhouse Marvel breakers kill the value on low to mid range sketches after release - and make up the profits with the incentive cards. All this does, is devalue the content of the boxes.

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