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Originally Posted by monkeymcgee View Post
Has anyone else noticed that some highly valued artists' sketch cards (based on eBay completed sales) have really gone down in value the last couple of months?

I haven't paid a whole of attention lately since I haven't had the cash to chase the big dogs, but a quick glance today at recent sales for Charles Hall, the Glebes, and Katie Cook made me go

I've seen some of the cards from my infamous "baller lot" go shockingly low.

Is this a seasonal-type thing or are we seeing a value decline in the upper echelons?

Anyone taking advantage of the savings?
Monkey - I just did a quick one year trend on Terapeak, and this time of the year seems to have a little bit of a dip. However I'm not trending by artist.

We can try and trend differently to get some better numbers just for fun? It's just a chart - but I can post the results.
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