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Originally Posted by BHotz View Post
Technically it took about a month for Acar and Tan to both reach $200+. There were a few dozen Anthony Tans go on eBay from X-Men Archives for under $100 for a few weeks then BAMN they were $300-$600. Acar was similar though people had the "Tan effect" on their mind so it didn't take long for $300 and eventually some reaching ~$1000.

Now Charles Hall was a sensation right out of the box but that was mostly due to Rittenhouse's significant spotlight/advertisements before Spiderman Archives hit the streets.

Food for thought. Bring on the new blood! *Old blood is good too... I'd just rather not swim in it.
Maybe on the ebay/open market but we all know these big dealers sell private before they offer what's left on the open/ebay market. I'm sure everyone knows about those huge midnight sales. Acar was huge before release just on her one Female Loki card that was used in adverts and reviews if memory serves me. People were clamoring for her cards.
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