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Originally Posted by Eduardo Nunez View Post
Maybe our clients don't want their product to look like crap and are willing to pay a premium for it. We print for Unilever, Mastercard, Amex, and Philips. We are extremely competitive on runs up to 300k impressions on our sheetfed presses. You don't know our niche or our clients.

The way tear pads/coupons are handled is we warehouse them until they expire or we chop them up with our 2nd cutter.

Why would I drool over some perfector you worked on when I own my presses free and clear? Yes sir I have a few million dollars in iron sitting on my floor and I"m jealous of some guy on a message board that works on a nice press.
I'm so glad I met a expert in the print industry today even though my family has been doing our thing for 32 years. Now go take the red up a little bit buddy.

Ed Nunez
You are right I do not know your daddy's business or your clients. I just simply stated that all of the sheet fed companies that I have worked at, never shredded or chopped the waste press sheets unless the client specifically requested to do so.

Your family built the business and you are the authority because you ride coat tails? Stop it, you wanted to make this personal so here it is. What exactly do you do for your daddy's company? Probably a CRS would be my guess. I like Komori presses, as stated above but what Heidelberg offers can not be touched in the high quality sheet fed market. I am guessing that your comment about taking the red up a bit just shows me that you do not actually do any of the work. It just makes you feel important that your daddy owns the company and makes you feel that your opinion matters. I have worked with people like you before that are above getting their hands dirty.

If it were not for people such as myself, your million dollar piece of iron on the floor would be just that. Wish your family continued success in the future and try not to run your daddy's company into the ground.
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