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Originally Posted by ilovethelakings View Post
Crappy shipping, yes. But negative, no. To me, negative is when a little beeotch doesn't ship for 10 business days or more. Too many of you guys jump the gun much too quickly. As long as I get my stuff and it arrives in good condition in about 2 weeks or less, I am happy. Then again, I have a lot more patience than quite a few of my fellow members or at least that is how it seems to me.
i love you, but i hate the attitude here. as long as it's ok for 14 days to be received, people will take advantage of it. aside from the high volume sellers that probably have a ton going on, a person here should have no issue shipping within 48 hours. unless they have business or something comes up (which things do happen- just not the rate that people use the excuse here)... but in those cases, communication is the key.

if people just took a second and thought "hey, maybe I should conduct business the way I'd want somebody to conduct business with me" and things would be effing amazing here.

edit to add: and when i say attitude, i'm not saying "you're sporting some 'tude there dude, turn it down". I'm saying more along the lines of apathy.
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Don't ask me how much I want to offer. Come with a price in mind. If I don't want it or think it's worth that, I will let you know.

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