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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
i love you, but i hate the attitude here. as long as it's ok for 14 days to be received, people will take advantage of it. aside from the high volume sellers that probably have a ton going on, a person here should have no issue shipping within 48 hours. unless they have business or something comes up (which things do happen- just not the rate that people use the excuse here)... but in those cases, communication is the key.

if people just took a second and thought "hey, maybe I should conduct business the way I'd want somebody to conduct business with me" and things would be effing amazing here.

edit to add: and when i say attitude, i'm not saying "you're sporting some 'tude there dude, turn it down". I'm saying more along the lines of apathy.
Of course communication is key in any transaction, but let's be realistic here. You are a quick shipper I am sure. I am a quick shipper for sure. Others are quick shippers for sure. And of course, we would much rather have others do like us, but that just isn't how life is. There are some people who take a few more days than others and have the communication skills of a 3 day old baby, and I am honestly okay with that if my stuff arrives to my doorstep. There are so many times I have purchased something from somebody on here, and they have taken a bit longer to ship (3-6 days or so). However, most them have apologized to me for the delay. And you know what I say to them in a nutshell? "Just be glad you are dealing with who you are dealing with because there are some people are much more difficult to deal with than me." Even you have to admit though, that 5 days is much to quick to leave a negative. Neutral, sure if you have to drop one of those, but way.

And cking, I totally get where you are coming from without a doubt. Some of us hold ourselves to much higher standards than other when it comes to making deals on here and delivering the goods as promised. Maybe I am just too easygoing and too quick to forgive.
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