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Originally Posted by Skaughtt0 View Post
It'd be more useful to track five of the top selling artists over the past three or four years and look at the monthly average sales price...

Even then:
(1) Each sketch is unique - some just look better than others
(2) Auction titles aren't standardized - The artist name/set title/character name isn't always present
(3) Some characters sell better than others - Spider-man sells for more than Squirrel Girl

This is correct. It would be better to pull date further back.

However, if you sat down and played with the search functions - you could get some solid results for a years worth of data.

Star Wars for example, they have less market ownership when it comes to sketches (compared to Marvel). What's interesting it they have a higher sell through percentage and a higher average price per item. Now just like marvel, without sitting down and fine tuning the search results - it's very generic. However, the results do tell me that there is more demand in Star Wars right now (compared to Marvel). That still doesn't mean there isn't any saturation there - it just means there is less saturation with Star Wars.
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