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Originally Posted by Skaughtt0 View Post
No matter what the cards sell for on ebay, the artists are still making the same amount of money. It would be worth asking if AP sales have taken a dip as that's a way that companies compensate the artists.

I've been buying some sketch cards I like for about a month and have about ten. Since I don't buy boxes I do understand that there does need to be a financial incentive for someone to open up multiple cases of cards or else there wouldn't be so many singles on the market.

If I track down an artist I really like who's cards sell for a bunch of money, typically I'll shoot 'em an email to do a comic book sketch cover. The $50 that I can put into buying a trading card can get me at almost halfway to a larger sketch of one of my fav characters.
Over on the FB Sketch Card Fanatics group, several artists were saying their AP sales have gone done recently. I know one artist who posts here occasionally who was getting pretty frustrated about his AP sales.
I no longer own any sports cards in case you find one of my old selling threads. Sorry.
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