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Originally Posted by monkeymcgee View Post
Over on the FB Sketch Card Fanatics group, several artists were saying their AP sales have gone done recently. I know one artist who posts here occasionally who was getting pretty frustrated about his AP sales.
I was into photography for a while, a big part of making a living off art is knowing how to sell yourself and your work. Many of the APs on ebay are listed poorly. The average consumer doesn't know what they are going to receive, thumbnails make an AP look the same size as a card, artists don't always include a provide a good overview of their portfolio, people scroll past a blank card, keywords are missing from the titles...

Artists need to remain firm on the value of their work. If you list a piece with a "buy it now" price, you only need 1 person to click the button. Keep your price reasonable and wait 'til someone gets their tax return, ebay bucks or other fun money. I'd even recommend selling via your personal website instead of ebay because you know the people that find your site are interested in your artwork and not just the series of sketch cards. Plus your sale wouldn't be mixed in with a bunch of search results for cards.
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