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Originally Posted by friarbolt View Post
Point is still valid, there are age limits on everything relevant. You're nitpicking. Look I know you will fight an age limit if it would affect you. But really I don't care. Nobody is saying every kid can't do this, but many cannot and it's a problem. Which is the exact reason age limits exist. There are probably 11 year olds that could be fantastic drivers and vote smarter than 50 years olds but that doesn't mean we can suddenly allow an 11 year old to do that stuff.
im 18 in 7 months this Literally doesnt effect me. if anything i can just stick to feebay and trader retreat for selling for 7months. its not a big deal at all. what i am saying is a 17 year old with there head on straight is mature enough to legally sell an item. if BO wants to put an age limit in place i still would deal with a few people on here under the limit solely because they have proven there selfs. where not talking about patriots lover and danny the terrierist here.
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