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I think his logo shield would probably go for $7-$10k

Originally Posted by FINTAK032 View Post
can someone please explain to me how this person is going to possibly break even on this break??? after selling the best card pulled for 865!!???? a card that should have sold for at least $1500... i just dont get it i need a real explanation this is my first post on this site and i have been i guess "trolling" on here for years... i love this hobby but seeing breaks like this and the best cards of the best players going for less then the cost of a single box or around the cost of a box make no sense to me... how can you could possibly break even??? even if you pulled the logo shield 1/1 which might sell for 3k.... please help i love this hobby and seeing cards go for prices like that make me want to cry... people like this are killing this hobby just to open another pack... it makes me sad
I like to pay top dollar for pieces of paper.
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