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Originally Posted by TASS View Post
But was able to see the hit on Marchand from Volchenkov during the rain delay it was so #@#@#@#@ing dirty, and listening to interviews on the radio it does not sound good for Marchand and the forseeable future.

If it's a C... this would be a devastating hit to this club. Will have to wait and see I guess.
I usually like when Marchand gets hit, but not in this way, cause that's a very dirty cheap shot. I hope he just had his bell rung and it's not too serious.

We can all agree a suspension is in order for Volchenkov, but with how Shanahan has handled two of the dirtiest (IMO) hits of the last few weeks (Nash's elbow to the back o' the head, and Del Zotto's elbow to Neal's face), you never how that clown is going to "handle" these things. All in all I hope Marchand is ok.
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