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Originally Posted by Andrew Jones View Post
Do you think these guys (and women) would be willing to sit down and sign hundreds/thousands of autographs on the same day they are fighting? I'm not familiar with what those athletes do in the final hours leading up to their fights.
No, they would not. Ive been backstage at multiple fights, ive been in the fighter locker rooms before and after fights, I've also hung out with a fighter the morning of the fight at breakfast and then while he went to do some press that morning. Believe me, the only thing on their minds is that fight, and they want as little contact as possible.

Most of these guys when they are not in fight mode are some of the BEST athletes in the world when it comes to interacting with fans though. You name a fighter, I have prob met them and 95% of them are incredibly gracious to fans. I've seen Forrest Griffin get mobbed in a hotel lobby (with his suitcase in tow), and literally stand in one spot for NINETY minutes and sign autos and take photos until every single person got one.
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