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Originally Posted by nismo68 View Post
just saw it on ebay. good luck on the best offer. the hockey guys will dictate the value on these.

yeah, ive been reading lots on the hockey guys who wont touch this until the price drops, same thing when the cup came out.

Yeah, I really have no idea what it will be worth. I knew from the beginning when I got my product info from UD that it would struggle in hockey. Hockey collectors like totally different aspects of collecting than the other three major sports. I break/sell everything and have a pretty good understanding of all 4 major sports and I honestly think many hockey players will be a little clueless as to what the should collect from this set...what is normally valuable etc. I sold a Curt Schilling Essential Credentials 64/64 from the 90's, the EXACT same card as what this product is emulating...for 200.00 on ebay in ten minutes a few weeks back. I just bought the Kreider blue PMG /50 for 45.00. If that was one of the better rookies in basketball it would be SERIOUS money. Remember the Kobe original PMG 8/100 that sold for 38k last summer? I just hope hockey collectors don't completely dismiss it as there could be some really good value there in a lot of the inserts. It's always amazed me how hockey collectors are just fine paying 80 bucks for a mass produced (probably by 10-20k) young guns rc of a top player but the same collectors will only pay 100 bucks for a low numbered rc auto of the same player. Or how in hockey the price of a really good Cup rc auto patch /99 4 color will be like 2-3 times what the 1-2 colors go for. I pulled a RNH /99 4 color from CUP last year and sold it in half an hour for 2999.99. I pulled a Triple 1/1 auto of RNH/Hall/Tavares out of Dominion and sold it for less than 200 bucks. Hockey collecting makes no sense sometimes...
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