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Originally Posted by cmccart82003 View Post
Yeah, I really have no idea what it will be worth. I knew from the beginning when I got my product info from UD that it would struggle in hockey. Hockey collectors like totally different aspects of collecting than the other three major sports. I break/sell everything and have a pretty good understanding of all 4 major sports and I honestly think many hockey players will be a little clueless as to what the should collect from this set...what is normally valuable etc. I sold a Curt Schilling Essential Credentials 64/64 from the 90's, the EXACT same card as what this product is emulating...for 200.00 on ebay in ten minutes a few weeks back. I just bought the Kreider blue PMG /50 for 45.00. If that was one of the better rookies in basketball it would be SERIOUS money. Remember the Kobe original PMG 8/100 that sold for 38k last summer? I just hope hockey collectors don't completely dismiss it as there could be some really good value there in a lot of the inserts. It's always amazed me how hockey collectors are just fine paying 80 bucks for a mass produced (probably by 10-20k) young guns rc of a top player but the same collectors will only pay 100 bucks for a low numbered rc auto of the same player. Or how in hockey the price of a really good Cup rc auto patch /99 4 color will be like 2-3 times what the 1-2 colors go for. I pulled a RNH /99 4 color from CUP last year and sold it in half an hour for 2999.99. I pulled a Triple 1/1 auto of RNH/Hall/Tavares out of Dominion and sold it for less than 200 bucks. Hockey collecting makes no sense sometimes...
haha i agree 100%! also would like to add that in the cup /99 sells for more than the parallel to jersey numbered, while in other sports the parallel sells for more.

i just got a case to see what they look like and for the chase of the credentials and 1/1 legacy's. i broke open multiple retro bkb and still have a case sitting. i didnt touch the fb retro because i knew it was going to tank. hockey should be better because they are featured the nhl uniforms. basketball is just a different breed itself with the insert craze.
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