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Originally Posted by kyle1707 View Post
On these low run re pack boxes

My biggest concern would be how easy it would be to hold back big hits so people keep buying it

true. however, they do post hits on facebook and put a ton of the boxes on display in the store. i'm not sure if it's the complete run but it looks like it could be. if you're in-store you can pick whichever box/case you want off of the wall.

during the last superbox promo i picked boxes with a Vin Scully autograph as well as a Bryce Harper autographed ball. not sure if these are considered "big hits" but i did see some other nice cards and memorabilia pulled in-store.

also, the owner has mentioned to me that they've been doing these super boxes for a long time (15-20 yrs?). i've only been collecting for one year so my assumption is that their reputation has stood the test of time.
Looking for DODGERS, Vin Scully, Hideo Nomo, and Yu Darvish autographs/memorabilia.

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