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Bruins continue to play with NO emotion, and even though the bench is 'short' due to the injuries I will not use that as an excuse for the rest of this team.

They were playing against perhaps their 1st rd. opponent last night, and the Isles out played them for good stretches of this game and ulitmately earned the (2) points on the road, which will bode well for them leading up to the playoffs. Islanders played as a very confident team and controlled the neutral zone which has been an issue for the Bruins!

On the injury front it looks like Begeron will be returning in a week or so which is positive, but with his histroy of concussions every hit going forward will be a concern.

Marchand has been determined to have suffered a 'Mild' concussion which would probably have him returning for the playoffs which is additional positive news!

The B's are at their best when playing a 'bang and grind' style of hockey, something they have not been doing for the last month. Even though they have been winning games and still are in the 4th spot of the Conference, there is very little good happening with their current game. That being said one can only hope they wake the #@#@#@#@ up for the playoffs, or this will turn into a very short post season!

Lucic, Horton and Krejci need to step their game up NOW! It will be interesting to see how this team reacts over the next few weeks and if they will return to playing prototypical Bruins hockey as the playoffs get closer!

So if I am going to be a hater who hates the Patriots then buddy I am going to be the best damn hater I can be. I AM ALL IN.
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