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Originally Posted by Jaypers View Post
If you happen to pull any of the above, I'd be more than happy to take them off your hands.

Consider it a favor from one of "the few".

(I should point out that nearly every one of these names were on my suggestion list. Make of that what you will.)
You can take them off my hands all you want, it still won't change a thing. Going to be hard to get anything of value for when you keep pulling the "filler" guys. I don't mind guys that are raw, or 4-5 years away from sniffing the big leagues. I do have a problem with the light hitting or at best #5 starter type players. It dilutes the product and guys like you scooping up these "leftovers" doesn't change that.

P.S Not trying to attack. I believe I do follow you on Twitter and enjoy the updates. You might have suggested some of these names, and some of them might have some nice stats. Problem is those stats will plummet when there skills can't match up against some of the higher level/MLB talent.

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