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Originally Posted by statman32 View Post
You can take them off my hands all you want, it still won't change a thing. Going to be hard to get anything of value for when you keep pulling the "filler" guys. I don't mind guys that are raw, or 4-5 years away from sniffing the big leagues. I do have a problem with the light hitting or at best #5 starter type players. It dilutes the product and guys like you scooping up these "leftovers" doesn't change that.

P.S Not trying to attack. I believe I do follow you on Twitter and enjoy the updates. You might have suggested some of these names, and some of them might have some nice stats. Problem is those stats will plummet when there skills can't match up against some of the higher level/MLB talent.
I'm not in the habit of plucking those types of names out of the sky when adding them to my suggestion list. These are players who have been lauded over quite a bit by reputable writers in the prospect industry.

We all know the majority of prospects don't make it, but as someone in the position I'm in, my job is to find the guys I believe are the exception to the rule, and who haven't had autographed cards in previous Bowman products.

If you firmly believe they will fall on their faces, as I said earlier, let me be the one to take the risk for you.
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