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Originally Posted by marauder03 View Post
Anybody know the normal pack distribution on bowman for inserts? 1 per hobby pack? Thanks this is what BO lists.

Each pack contains
- five (5) 2013 Bowman Baseball Cards
- two (2) Prospects
- two (2) Bowman Chrome Prospects
- and one (1) Base Gold Parallel Card.

Each pack contains
- sixteen (16) 2013 Bowman Baseball Cards
- eight (8) Prospects
- six (6) Bowman Chrome Prospects
- one (1) Base Gold Parallel Card
- and one (1) Bowman's Best Baseball

That looks pretty standard. But I do think that it will change some with the new inserts sets they have added. Also, their are a ton of ice cards(especially in the jumbo). I based my projected set figures off of what Blowout posted was supposed to be in each pack so I hope they are pretty accurate.
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