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Originally Posted by TrueBlueLA4Life View Post
+1. I'm pretty sure Needchapmans is pretty close on this one. I hope Topps doesn't overproduce like in 2010. I'm already scaling back on the cases I'm opening, not getting a great feeling about this especially with so many autos in the $5-$15 range and only 2 autos to cover $40-$60. Great if your scooping up autos to prospect but unless there is amazing value in the minis Topps is going to overproduce by 20% over Draft. I would suspect Hobby cases to stabilize in price once people realize.
Yeah, I'm hoping to do well on my jumbos. Hopefully by the time I flip some stuff I can pick up some hobby cases around $675 just to bust for fun. I can't do the $775+ that alot of people are asking on hobby. I think they will come don a little after release.
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