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Originally Posted by sthoemke View Post
Seems the other red ink autos of low #'d cards/plates are all signed with a nickname in addition to the fighter's name. Do any of these look fake too, compared to the regular signatures?

2012 Topps UFC Jon Jones Bloodlines Red Auto 15 | eBay

2012 Topps UFC Finest Bloodlines Red Ink Auto Octafractor 7 8 Yoshihiro Akiyama | eBay

Junior Dos Santos 1 1 Bloodlines Red Auto Plate Topps UFC Finest 2012 Jr Champ | eBay
I'm not at all experienced with spotting fake autos, but of the 3 you pointed out, the auto on the Dos Santos plate seems like it could be off. All of the autos I have seen of his have the 'D' in Dos defined pretty well, whereas this one isn't, and the 'Cigano' inscription doesn't really look like the ones on some of his other autos (only others I have seen never used a capital 'G').
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