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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
just browsing sketchcollectors while I finish up some mindless work... came across this beauty worth highlighting

I didn't direct post the card because it does contain some slight nudity and I didn't want Amber's thread to get shut down by the mods.

I didn't collect this set and am glad after not being impressed by MOST of what I have seen... but this is a beauty. Would love to see this card in hand
Haha, thanks! I believe I did three cards with boobs showing... despite being referred to as what's wrong with the hobby the last time I did

Here's the censored version from my Facebook art page, and a link to the Bombshells gallery for anyone interested in seeing all of them. I struggled to find a theme for myself within that set, so ended up splitting it up into a couple mini themes. The tattoos and sepia toned "photos" were my favorites. I probably would've done more of the latter if I still had more blanks at that point
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