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Originally Posted by darin2200 View Post
Anyone have new or additional information on how the site is working for them?
My players are not disappearing when they don't get hits. Others?
Any more accounts on whether the streak needs to consist of the same player, or if you can for instance have a 4 game streak going with 4 different players?
Has anyone successfully kept a streak alive by skipping days? For instance say you have a 6 game streak going with Player A, but Player A is facing Justin Verlander tomorrow, so you don't pick a player for that day. Did your streak stay alive?

Also, if you start a player, and they sit that night and don't play, does your streak stay alive?
The site is working fine for me.

My players disappear when they don't get hits, but only if they play in the game and don't get a hit. Like the real MLB hitting streak rules, if you don't have an official AB in the game then it doesn't count as a game for the streak - the streak stays at the same number and the player is not lost. I had a 9 game streak until Allen Craig went 0-3 last Friday, I lost him and my streak reset to 0.

Also the streak counts for different players, as long as they are activated in one of your streak lists. You HAVE to designate which player(s) will be representing you for each day of each streak. If you leave a day blank (No slugger selected) then the streak holds until you designate a player for another day.

I have skipped a few days and had a player not play one night and the streak remained alive after those days.

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