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Seems like Friday evening is the popular choice. Let's go for 10:30PM EST and if anything changes I will post here. If it does, it will most likely be a delay of maybe 30 minutes or so.

Also, here is an updated list of participants and their teams.

johncaso - Magic, Mavs, Cavs, Lakers, Nuggets
My-Coolectibles - Warriors
danimal875 - Hornets
xadieu - Grizzlies
hard2guardtoo - Spurs, Raptors
Rpetrovi - Suns, Clippers, Heat, Pistons
FunDragon - Rockets, T'Wolves
LeonfromNC - Bobcats
dash counter - Bucks, Knicks
Oogie - Bulls, 76ers
sandlotsportscards - Thunder
ripandlist - Wizards
crackberry - Nets, Kings
shaner1 - Blazers
spcivil_wywong - Hawks
nordy22 - Jazz
Gohansmy - Celtics
Vintage Collector - Pacers
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