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Hello Everyone,

I posted this in another thread on the forum, but also wanted to put it here so that others would have a chance to see it.

COMC is working to help make grading accessible to everyone. As we are now a Beckett Grading Service Authorized Submission Center, users will be able to use COMC store credit to pay for BGS submissions, both of items already on site, and for product you would send to us. For an item on hand, you would submit them to us with our "To Be Graded" processing service. There will be no charge for the processing and it only takes one business day for the item to be scanned and deposited into your account. When this is done, the only option available for this item would be having it submitted for grading.

If you want to grade an item that is already in your COMC inventory, simply select this item from the Inventory Manager and select Submit for Grading from our actions menu. After clicking on the Beckett Grading Service, you will specify the declared value of the item for insurance purposes. We have both a Monthly service, for $12 + 1% of declared value, as well as a Weekly service, for $25 +1% of declared value. There will be an additional $2 charge for any card with an autograph. You will be able to see when the next group of cards is being sent so that your item can be included with the submission. When the card is returned after grading, it will be rescanned in ultra-high resolution and then deposited back into your account. We are also working towards having an authentication service to enable third-party authentication of in-person autographs.

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