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Talking 2010 Blowout Fantasy Baseball Promo 08 Threads SICKNESS!!

So i decided to go with the 08 Threads since Porcello is in it and I know there are other things you can hot besides a butt load of Rookie and Prospect Autos....Im sure glad I went with my gut feelin...and btw there are only like 14 slots left in this sick promo...had to get into something while I wait for the march madness!! lol Enjoy I know I did!!

Steve Carlton/250 (BV $10)
Tyler Flowers/95 (BV $10)
Eddie Murray/250 (BV $8)
Century Collection Materials Dale Murphy/100 (BV $15)
Baseball Americana Tony Cutis/250 (BV $8)
Baseball Americana Kurt Russell/250 (something soft) (BV $8)
Baseball Americana Bud Abbott/500 (NaStY looking see pic below) (BV $15)
George Bush/500(see pic below) (BV $15)

Most of these are high numbered to 999 or higher
Jovan Rosa (BV $10)
Brent Brewer (plays for the brewers lol) (BV $12)
Fernando Garcia (BV $10)
Carlos Carrasco (BV $10)
Yefri Carvajal (BV $10)
Stolmy Pimentel (BV $10)
Carlos Peguero (BV $20)
Jose Ceda(2) (BV $8 each)
Jhoulys Chacin (BV $10)
Brent Fisher (BV $10)
Alfredo Silverio (BV $8)
Wilson Ramos (BV $10)
Brian Friday(2) (BV $8 each)
Mike McBryde (BV $8)
Heath Rollins (BV $8)
Omar Poveda (BV $8)

Ok those were all the Rookies and Prospects here are the autos and the reason why I picked this lot over the others

Carlton Fisk Base Auto 14/25 (No BV to low numbered!!)
Diamond Kings Signatures Materials card #32 Ernie Banks (No BV to low numbered!!)
***(UPDATE)*** just redemed the Banks and its numbered to 5 WOW!!!!

and then this Bad Boy of Baseball himself

Diamond Kings Mr. Pete Rose Auto 08/50 (see pic below) (BV $150)

Well there you have it tons of autos and i think i didnt do that bad at Porcello's (well a Blue Border/25) or and patches but ill take what I got...thanks for stoppin by and thanks to Blowout Cards...ARMY STRONG

***Update added all the BV's to see how i did in that aspect and well I paid $300 for the 6 boxes and came out to $393 without the Fisk and banks low numbered autos!!! Also could have put together at least 2 base sets and also didnt include the numbered cards into the BV either. Overall Im more than happy with this break..I will continue to do this with all my breaks in the future, it adds a little more fun or disapointment to it!!*****
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